What used to take an hour now takes just minutes.

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If you have ever needed to remove the door of an enclosure, you know how cumbersome that process can be, especially if the enclosure has a continuous hinge. You may need to remove the door to install holes and cutouts, or remove it to increase accessibility for installing components or back panels. If your enclosure has small concealed hinges, you may not think twice about the process. But what if your project calls for the rugged reliability of a continuous hinge? Pulling out the long hinge pin, especially on a freestanding enclosure, can take multiple workers a considerable amount of time. Worse still is knowing that you’ll have to line the hinge back up to get the pin back in again to finish the job. Not only is this process time consuming, it can also be dangerous if these large, heavy doors slip and fall.

Effortless door removal and the continuous hinge finally come together in the quick-release mechanism featured in Hoffman’s new free-stand disconnect enclosure. This innovation reduces removal and reinstallation of the door from up to an hour to just minutes. The quick-release mechanism provides effortless door removal and re-installation without sacrificing the sealing and weight carrying ability of the traditional continuous hinge. Their heavy-duty construction and Type 4 environmental protection rating make them a perfect fit for demanding industrial applications.

Other Key Features and Benefits:

  • Type 4 environmental protection rating make them ideal for outdoor use
  • Universal disconnect adapters match a wide range of disconnect switches
  • Available in one to three door options to meet various needs
  • Standard offering for quicker lead times

Adapter plate kits

The universal cutout on the Type 4 Freestand Disconnect with Quick Release Continuous Hinge allows these enclosures to accept a wide variety of manufactures’ disconnect handles. In an effort to save you more time and to provide clarity when ordering adapter plate kits, we have updated the kits to be ordered by the specific manufacturer handle and type.

Other Key Features and Benefits of updated kits:

  • Rated UL type 4 and 12
  • Kits specified by handle manufacturer & size
  • Less waste and confusion: customers only get the parts they need
  • Change impacts several Hoffman enclosure bulletins: A4L3D, A21, A28 and A34
  • New blank adapter plates are also available

Hoffman’s new Quick Release Continuous Hinge enclosures allow for significant time savings when you need to remove and reattach the door. Additionally, these enclosures have the added benefit of allowing you to complete that process with a safer and more controlled method. What used to be a complex task is now fast, safe and simple.

Please contact your local sales rep for more information on this exciting new product from Hoffman.


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