Unique Features Make Altivar Process the Answer in Houston

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When a major oil drilling company in Houston, Texas was looking to identify a new drive to support their fuel terminal pump, they found exactly what they needed in the Altivar Process. In addition to replacing an older drive, the facility was faced with a large problem – their current design did not have monitoring at key points, leaving management without a full view of their operation or the ability to troubleshoot should a problem arise. To address this challenge, the company looked to a solution that could both improve their operational efficiency and add the monitoring capabilities that had been missing.

The Altivar Process 630 variable speed drive with embedded digital services was the answer.

The Altivar Process 630 variable speed drive with embedded digital services was the answer.

Working with a team from Schneider Electric – including local field representative Jack Mitchell and Central Region Team Leader for Drives and Sofstarts, Kevin Fedor as well as Jeff Szwec, Ray Drohan, and Taylor Oltman – the oil supplier identified the Altivar Process 630 variable speed drive with embedded digital services specific to fluid movement as the ideal drive for their operation. This new solution’s unique features, including pump curve optimization and sensorless flow estimation, provided additional monitoring and protection against cavitation, no-flow situations and other challenges commonly associated with keeping track of the position state of manual valves and emptying fuel terminals.

The Altivar Process drive, when properly set up with specific points on the pump curve, can determine by output frequency and current the amount of flow being generated at any given time. This results in the operators being able to know if they are pumping into a closed valve or possibly seeing cavitation in one of their fuel tanks. With its embedded web pages, the drive allows operators to create customizable screens to view the respective pumps and monitor how efficiently they are operating. Trends in kilowatt usage out over weeks and months can also be tracked and data exported for further review and historic reference. The Ethernet connectivity of the Altivar Process allows the drive to be easily integrated into the operator’s system for monitoring and/or control throughout the plant.

Today, the relationship between this major fuel terminal company and Schneider Electric remains strong. In addition to the Altivar Process 630 used with their fuel terminal pump, the location has replaced numerous other drives in their operation with Schneider Electric products, including the Altivar 61 and Altivar 71 variable speed drives.

For further information, download the Altivar Drives Family brochure here.

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