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Hubbell Safety Evaluation:  A step-by-step checklist to help identify potential safety problems, from the wiring device experts…Hubbell.

Identify and Correct Safety Hazards for Reduced Downtime and Expense

Workplace safety has a significant impact on your business. Employee safety and productivity, machine downtime and production throughput are all impacted by the condition of the workplace environment. Hubbell Wiring Systems is committed to helping our customers maintain the safest possible workplace through the proper selection, use and installation of wiring devices.

Potential safety hazards exist in almost every workplace environment—from open office areas and factory floors, to construction sites and retail spaces. That’s why all employers are required to comply with strict safety codes and regulations. Many businesses today pride themselves on the number of accident-free days, which can be supported through the implementation of formal safety programs that include periodic visual safety evaluations.

Conducting a safety evaluation to identify and correct safety hazards now can help avoid accidents later. Hubbell has designed the Hubbell Safety Evaluation to help our customers increase awareness of safety codes and potentially avoid accidents. For a variety of applications and environments, the Safety Evaluation poses key inspection questions aimed at reviewing the conditionof existing wiring devices to help identify potential safety hazards. With a wide range of products designed to provide maximum safety while complying with the latest codes, Hubbell offers possible product solutions for each safety hazard and details the related NEC, NEMA or OSHA requirement.

The Hubbell Safety Evaluation is not all inclusive, but may help point to trouble areas in the installation of wiring devices.

Hubbell understands the importance of making safety a core value in every business and the cost of not. Upgrading to the most current wiring device technology with Hubbell products can help customers maintain workplace safety, comply with codes and regulations, and ultimately reduce risk. The Hubbell safety evaluation is one element of an overall company safety program.

Hubbell Recommends…

  • Always adhering to the manufacturer’s installation instructions when installing and using wiring devices.
  • Using a certified, qualified electrician to perform all electrical work.
  • Being aware of all related NEC, NEMA and OSHA regulations.
  • Always disconnecting power and using lock-out/tag-out procedures during inspection and maintenance.
  • Conducting periodic inspections and maintenance to ensure personal safety and day-to-day product performance.
  • The following check list is not inclusive but may point to trouble areas in the installation of wiring devices.

Download Hubbell Safety Evaluation.


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