Thermal Imaging Camera Is a Powerful Security Solution For High Risk Areas

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Pelco by Schneider Electric’s Sarix TI – a first-of-its-kind, fully integrated thermal imaging security camera is designed specifically for video security applications, Sarix TI propels surveillance to a new level with the most powerful selection of models ideally suited for a wide array of low-light and no-light environments.

The evolution of thermal imaging

The time when high-tech thermal imaging was reserved only for specialized military applications at a premium price is behind us. Now, any business or infrastructure has access to affordable thermal protection from a trusted security company with dependable customer support.

How it works

Thermal imaging cameras see emitted thermal energy (temperature and emissivity variations in a scene). Sarix™ TI recognizes even the slightest change in temperature or emissivity, providing immediate recognition of intruders or threats. The thermal contrast among objects in low-visible-light conditions provides the information necessary to quickly make informed decisions – information that standard visible light cameras cannot deliver. Thanks to its thermal energy technology, Sarix TI is also a powerful tool for applications beyond security — providing the capability to instantly spots leaks, ruptures, or hot spots across bridges, dams, refineries, and power plants.

Security powered by thermal imaging

The beauty of Sarix TI is its ability to apply the power of thermal imaging to any application that presents challenging lighting conditions. Even in total darkness, Sarix TI allows you to see potential threats that may not be captured by a standard visible light camera. For any high-risk area where lighting is minimal, Sarix TI arms you with a powerful solution to recognize the presence of both humans and vehicles to keep your property secure.

Wide-ranging thermal applications

Many places demand video security but are challenged by a lack of ambient light. From critical infrastructure, ports, and extended perimeters to industrial and even non-security applications, thermal imaging is the answer. When external lighting is not an option, or when you simply do not want to light the very assets you are looking to secure, Sarix TI delivers the detailed image quality necessary to make immediate, informed decisions — critical for today’s security professionals.

Infrastructure Government Industry Corrections

  • Airports
  • Borders/perimeters
  • Storage yards
  • Prisons
  • Seaports
  • Military bases
  • Pipelines
  • Courthouses
  • Power plants
  • National security
  • Refineries
  • Dams
  • Bridges
  • Rail transit

IP or Analog Applications

The Sarix TI Series offers a broad range of resolutions and lenses to fit your security needs, whether your installation calls for fixed or pan/tilt cameras with IP or analog capability. Whatever the need, Pelco has a thermal offering to fit your application, with three resolution models to choose from.

640×480 model

For the most demanding security applications, such as international borders, military installations, and airports, the 640×480 resolution Sarix TI model is the ideal solution. Available in fixed or pan/tilt enclosures, this model offers unprecedented protection beyond four miles when outfitted with a 100 mm lens.

384×288 model

Making thermal imaging more affordable for a wide range of standard applications such as ports and perimeters is the 384×288 model of Sarix TI. This option is available in fixed or pan/tilt enclosures. This model is recommended for extreme low-light conditions where it’s difficult or economically unfeasible to artificially light, such as subway platforms and tunnels; highway and transportation infrastructure; borders; marine; industrial; and other traditional thermal imaging applications.

240×184 model

An economical offer for customers who are new to thermal technology, the 240×184 Sarix TI model provides thermal imaging with 50 percent more pixels (higher resolution and greater video detail) than other similarly priced entry-level options. This unique solution is perfect for storage yards or building perimeters with challenging lighting conditions. When outfitted with a 6.3 mm lens, this fixed model can detect a person in a 35-degree field of view out to 140 meters.

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