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PROLINE G2 is designed to bear the advanced loads and harsh environments of industrial applications, while at the same time making the electrical enclosure easier to use and faster to populate. The PROLINE G2 is flexible and robust enough to meet most of your industrial large enclosure application needs. The flexibility and ease of use of the platform saves you time on electrical component and populated back panel installation and maximizes the useable internal space. Hoffman has 150 standard frames sizes and 350 standard Industrial packages; this increases the likelihood that you will be able to order a standard product, as opposed to needing a custom solution, to meet you application needs, saving you both time and money.

PROLINE G2 Advantages:

  • Improved Interior Access

Removable doors, tops, sides and bases enable full access and easy installation

  • Innovative EZ Load Mounting System

Multiple loading options for quicker and safer loading of a populated back panel

  • More Electrical Component Mounting Options

Multiple subpanels, rack mounting, swing-out panels or racks, grid system mounting, maximizing internal component mounting flexibility

  • Designed to Join/Bay

Join enclosures without field modification allowing for ease of movement and more convenient shipment of large multi-door systems

  • Custom Solutions from Standard Components

Hundreds of components and accessories that can be used to create unique plug and play solutions

  • Superior Performance Under Load

Designed and tested for industrial environments including your most demanding heavy duty VFD or transformer applications

  • Easy to Order

New interactive online PROLINE G2 product configurator, easily design and see your solution before it is ordered

PROLINE G2 Convenience

Hoffman will assemble you solution to order (ATO) at no additional cost. Don’t pay someone to assemble your enclosure, let Hoffman’s factory certified professionals assemble it for you. Additionally Hoffman will work with your customers to create a modified or custom enclosure solution when needed.  Custom colors, holes/cut-outs, integrated accessories or more unique

requirements are easily integrated to meet your challenging enclosure needs.  Please click on the links below or contact your local Graybar representative to learn more about PROLINE G2.

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