Strut Support Systems and Fittings with Time-Saving Features

May 19, 2014 at 4:32 pm  •  Posted in Industrial  •  0 Comments

Eaton’s B-Line business is one of the largest manufacturers of strut support systems in the North American market today. We offer a variety of options to provide flexibility and scalability for industrial applications; such as cable and pipe support, racking systems, panel supports and more.

Available in galvanized finish for non-corrosive environments, hot dip galvanized and stainless steel finishes for corrosive environments, the B-Line strut systems are offered in various channel depths to meet application requirements. Both the B22 and B52 are available with options for solid strut (no holes), short slot holes (SH) to allow for up to ½” hardware, and full slot (S) for flexibility during installation. If the application requires higher load capacities, B-Line also offers B11 and B12 strut systems options. For more information on the full line of B-Line strut systems, visit

B-Line also offers fittings that deliver time-saving solutions, resulting in significant total install cost savings. For example, the B-Line Buzznut™ lock nut washer can be installed at any desired position on all threaded rod, eliminating the need to thread hex nuts up the entire length of the rod. Another example includes the B-Line combo nut, which helps reduce the number of parts that require handling on the job-site. For additional examples of B-Line time-saving solutions, visit

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