Stay Prepared & Respond Quickly to Emergencies with Temporary Power Products from Leviton

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No matter what part of the country you’re in, inclement weather can strike at any time. While the weather itself varies across the country, nearly everyone is likely to face some type of severe weather related emergency, so it’s important to be prepared for and be able to respond quickly to the threat of danger and damage.

One of the primary concerns during these frequent storms or natural disasters is the weather’s ability to knock out heat, power, and communications services to facilities – including homes, office buildings, manufacturing plants and warehouses – sometimes for days at a time. A loss of power can not only endanger people and displace them from their homes, but can stop production and decrease safety in the workplace. So when natural disasters strike, one of the foremost responses is to restore power so that assessment and restoration activities can begin.

Leviton understands that severe weather can be devastating in many ways, so we’ve identified which electrical wiring devices are needed to help restore power in case of emergencies. The items listed below are the most common items needed for connecting temporary generator power to buildings, work sites and temporary housing.

To connect generator power to houses:

  • For 20 Amp generators, use a locking 20A 125/250V 3 pole, 4 wire plug (Leviton 2411, Graybar 92116922) to plug into the generator, and a mating connector (Leviton 2413, Graybar 92116920) for power inlets or receptacles wired to your home
  • For 30 Amp generators, use a locking 30A 125/250V 3 pole, 4 wire plug (Leviton 2711, Graybar 92116913) to plug into the generator, and a mating connector (Leviton 2713, Graybar 92116903) for power inlets or receptacles wired to your home

To connect generator power to temporary housing FEMA trailers:

  • To provide power to trailers, use a 30A 125V angle plug (Leviton 830-T) and a 30A 125V flush mount receptacle (Leviton 7313, Graybar 88157648) for every trailer

It’s important to note that additional electrical devices are likely to be needed depending on your temporary power application.  Leviton offers a wide range of straight blade and locking plugs, connectors, and receptacles in a variety of amperages and voltages as well as portable GFCI devices, portable outlet boxes and temporary power distribution boxes.  Whether it’s to plan for weather-related emergencies or help the community get back on its feet, Leviton is committed to providing wiring devices for portable power needs.


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