Schneider Tesys Solink makes motor starter control and monitoring simple

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Automated control of motor starters just got easier thanks to the new Tesys Solink integrated system from Schneider Electric. This system works on any motor starter that is composed of conventional components such as motor-circuit breakers and contactors.  The integration system for motor starters up to 30kW/415V in an automation environment.You can connect up to 56 TeSys motor starters to the Logic Controller making it simple to make a complete upgrade.

The system features:

  • 20 times faster for control circuit wiring
  • 100% upgradable plug-and-play solutions
  • 0% Chance of connection errors
  • Up to 56 motor starters for each Logic Controller
  • 100% availability during machine life cycles
or download the PDF to learn more.

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