Schneider Electric’s New Approach to Machine Design Coming August 2014

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The Next Generation of MachineStruxure automation solution, powered by SoMachine Version 4.1, brings an innovative approach to machine design and will be available in the U.S. in August 2014.

SoMachine, originally developed by engineers for engineers, is a proven intuitive and robust software development environment, with tools and functionality to assist OEMs in getting their machines to market faster with added value and benefits.

SoMachine V4.1, featuring an optimized user interface, brings critical tools and functions to your fingertips with intuitive simplified navigation. Everything is just a click away. The centralized app launcher allows easier access to training and technical information, simplification of programming, uploading and downloading your application.

The Next Generation of MachineStruxure automation solution is comprised of a new family of controllers which will include the new Modicon M221 PLC. Programmed with the intuitive SoMachine Basic software, the M221 PLC offers best-in-class performance coupled with flexibility and value. The Modicon M221 PLC is available in either a Brick (Compact) or Book (Modular) format with class leading features like an embedded Ethernet port, SD Card slot for firmware and project updates, 2 onboard Analog Inputs and 2 Pulse Train Outputs (PTO) with S-Curve capability for smooth hardwired motion. A USB programming port is also standard, and if your customers’ application needs additional I/O points, the Modicon M221 gives them the option to use cost-effective TMC expansion cartridges, the new TM3 I/O Cards or utilize their existing TM2 based I/O architectures.

To learn more about The Next Generation of MachineStruxure and the new Modicon M221 PLC, visit the MachineStruxure Landing Page


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