Schneider Electric White Paper: On the Road to Green Machines

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Recent studies show that OEMs are well-aware of the available energy efficiency technologies for improving the efficiency of their equipment and machines. But while many OEMs are conscious of the growing pressure and demands coming from the market, they are reluctant to make changes due to the perception that new technologies will make their machines more expensive to sell.

In fact, companies that endorse energy efficiency and sustainability in their thinking experience stronger loyalty from their customers, produce better quality machines with improved machine performance, and find more opportunities for new business even in a tough economic environment.

This document will discuss how adopting an energy efficiency strategy concerning automation and control systems can help OEMs develop more sustainable and energy efficient machines, as well as how these new technologies bring benefits and new values to end users that OEMs can use to differentiate their offer.

The manufacturing industry (consumer goods and life sciences) tries to manage production through a key methodology: OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), and the key principal is tracking metrics from machines/ lines between: – Availability: measures productivity losses from downtime – events which entirely stop production, – Performance: measures losses from slow production cycles – processes not working at maximum speed, and – Quality: measures losses from production not achieving established quality levels.

The OEE score measures manufacturing efficiency and effectiveness and is closely linked to sustainability: Better quality means less waste, greater availability means better energy efficiency.

Machine Design

The constraints of cost reduction, usage of resources and energy reduction are becoming key drivers in the industry as consumers require manufacturers to be more “green”. End users understand the new challenges and have developed strategies to reduce the energy for their production and to become sustainable companies.

Machine builders are now in the front line to design, provide and innovate for this new demanding market. Some solutions already have proven their effectiveness and benefits. They bring new added value to their equipment and a truly competitive advantage through this new differentiation. The End-Users choosing these new benefits, in regard of their strategies.

It is at the design level that all the benefits of an energy efficiency approach can be implemented. The following is a review of key highlights that can benefit the energy efficiency objectives of your customers and offer an advantage for your machines/equipment, depending on their applications.

“The benefits mentioned are specified for each point and not cumulative. Application examples have been measured in real cases.”

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