How to Build a World-Class Safety Culture

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Every 15 seconds, an employee will die in a work-related accident, according to the International Labor Organization. In order to create a best-in-class safety culture within your company, it is necessary to be proactive, make safety a priority across the organization and empower individuals to make safe choices. “A historical lack of accidents does not imply a current presence of safety,” notes Bill Hilton, director of health and safety at Georgia-Pacific. “It simply means you’ve been faster than the machine.”

Professor Patrick Hudson has identified five progressive steps to a world-class safety culture:  Pathological, Reactive, Calculative, Proactive, and Generative.  Many companies and can and do advance to the calculative middle step. World-class companies typically advance beyond this to the proactive and generative steps where there are many influences on personnel behavior.  Another tool that can be used  is the “Safety Maturity Index,” an online tool used for benchmarking and analyzing a number of areas around safety. These examples are just two of many available today which can help companies advance their safety performance beyond the “calculative” stage.

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