Revolutionary Multichannel Electronic Circuit Breakers: Phoenix Contact CBM Series

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The CBM by Phoenix Contact is a series of revolutionary programmable, multichannel electronic circuit breakers.

The CBM was developed to provide customers with a product capable of managing multiple circuits in a single device while significantly reducing the amount of DIN rail space required. Over the last several years the demand for a circuit breaker with adjustable current settings has steadily grown. With the CBM, you can adjust the nominal current value for each channel to between 0.5 and 10A. The CBM series offers four- and eight-channel versions — that’s up to eight circuit breakers in 41 mm of space.

The breaker allows for quick and easy nominal current adjustment on a live load via a series of simple steps. First, hook the breaker up to the appropriate loads and turn the adjustment dial to the maximum level of 10A. Next, slowly decrease by one increment at a time until the LED for the channel begins to flash yellow. Finally, increase the current level by one increment. This is the optimum level of current for your load. This rated current assist allows for easy installation, system design, and prevents nuisance tripping. It also allows for more efficient use of power supplies, reduces downtime due to voltage drops, and increases the lifetime of loads.

In addition to ease of use, the CBM includes a number of features for easy monitoring; including local and remote status indication that allows the user to monitor multiple different events for both the individual channels and the input voltage. The CBM includes LED over- and under-voltage detection to monitor abnormal voltage conditions and initiate coordinated circuit shutdown to reduce stress on loads, avoiding system failure. The DC voltage level LED will change to yellow, or red, depending on where the voltage falls outside the 18-30V range. The intelligent product will also trip at a specified speed, depending on what percent of the nominal current the breaker is functioning at. For ease of maintenance and troubleshooting, the CBM also includes remote reset functionality.

Of course, such a feature-rich, premium product obviously includes safety benefits as well. The cascaded channel start-up of the CBM helps avoid inadvertent shutdowns at startup by switching on each channel one by one with a 100ms delay between channels. Additionally, each channel of the breaker has an electronic channel locking function that prevents unwanted adjustments to a set nominal current. The CBM is also listed to UL 508.

With such a compact design, premium feature set, and intelligent monitoring and LED indication, the CBM series is a powerful part of any system, and is ideal for high-density, reliable circuit protection.

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