Reduce Motor Downtime by 50% with Blackburn® Motor Lead Disconnects

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Blackburn® Motor Lead Disconnects speed up maintenance and minimize motor downtime — which can be costly for any industrial facility — by offering quick, reliable change-out of electric motors with no bolting, taping or loose connections. The labor-saving, snap-together assembly is insulated with a slide-on cover to help support safe, continuous operation of critical electrical equipment.

These Motor Lead Disconnects can reduce downtime by 50% as compared to bolted and taped connections, while boosting installation and operational safety.


Blackburn Motor Lead Disconnects can offer downtime reduction to any industrial facility that uses electric motors, including mining and metals, oil and gas, pulp and paper, chemical refining/processing and food and beverage processing.

Features & Benefits

  • Fast, snap-together assembly offers maximum labor savings
  • No need for nuts, bolts, washers or tape — simply slide on reusable insulating boot
  • Complete line for 600V to 5kV applications and #16 AWG through 500 kcmil wire sizes
  • Compact assembly fits easily into tight motor housings
  • Quick disconnect requires no cutting of melted tape, eliminating the risk of accidental wire insulation cutting to reduce motor downtime and installer exposure
  • Meets or exceeds electrical and mechanical performance of bolted connections
  • Constructed of high-conductivity copper with tin plating
  • Female disconnects feature beryllium copper interface band

See the time savings for yourself

Watch a short video that compares the time it takes to connect and disconnect an electric motor using Blackburn Motor Lead Disconnects versus traditional bolted and taped connections.

Download product sheet now.

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