Product Spotlight on Mechanically Interlocked Receptacles

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Safe, Convenient, Code Compliant Solutions for Cord and Plug Connected Equipment

Powerswitch® Provides Safety and Simplicity

Leviton’s Powerswitch Mechanically Interlocked Receptacles combine three devices {motor controller, disconnecting means (switch), and a receptacle} into one convenient package. These devices are the ideal solution anywhere you would need to install a manual motor controller, safety disconnect switch and receptacle (for cord connected equipment) to comply with theleviton2 NEC® Article 430 requirements.

The Mechanical Interlocks also include provisions for compliance with OSHA and NFPA 70E requirements to place equipment in an electrically safe status prior to servicing. These devices prevent the equipment plug from being connected or disconnected under load.

The easy-to-operate pistol grip handle also provides a means for complying with the lockout/tagout provisions of these Codes and Standards.

All Powerswitch Mechanical Interlocks feature a non-metallic, watertight and dust-tight enclosure (IP 66/67, NEMA Type 3R, 4X, 12K); making them suitable for indoor or outdoor, wet (including washdown) or dry environments. Available for both IEC 60309 (pin and sleeve) and NEMA (locking blade) applications. For IEC 60309 applications, Mechanical Interlocks are supplied with pre-wired receptacles available in 20A, 30A, 60A, or 100A configurations; either fused or non-fused. For NEMA applications, Powerswitch Switched Enclosures can be paired with a 20A or 30A single locking receptacle from our V-0 Max® line of receptacles to create a Mechanical Interlock device. When used in conjunction with Wetguard® locking plugs, these devices maintain the IP 66 watertight rating while in use.

Visit to learn more about Powerswitch® Mechanical Interlocks.

Leviton’s Industrial Grade Interlocks — Engineered for Versatility in Demanding Environments


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