Prevent System Downtime From Damaging Surges

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Today’s world is full of electronic products and electrical devices that are susceptible to damage from overvoltage surges. Surges caused by static discharge, capacitive and inductive loads or lightning can quickly destroy sophisticated electronic equipment and components used in industrial and commercial applications and cripple operations, costing businesses thousands of dollars.

For example, an industrial facility in the Northeast recently suffered a severe loss of business due to an indirect lightning strike that entered their building through the ground and significantly compromised the data system and numerous machine tool control cabinets. As a result, they experienced 11 days of downtime and lost production in most of the facility.

With the most diverse portfolio of surge protective devices available in the North American market, Eaton’s Bussmann business can quickly identify and install the ultimate surge protective products that help ensure that equipment is safe from damaging surges.

From the service entrance down to the last control panel before your equipment, there is a UL 1449 3rd Edition Bussmann surge product to meet your needs. Available in either NEMA 1 or NEMA 4X enclosures, Bussmann is able to address some of the most challenging environmental conditions while delivering the maximum 20kA protection rating. With the upcoming release of the new Bussmann BSPD series, you can now cascade your surge protection. From the high surge capacity protection BSPD series at the service entrance to the SurgePOD Heavy Duty at downstream panels and DIN-Rail style High SCCR UL surge modules, Bussmann solutions provide complete surge protection for your whole facility.

Bussmann also offers a full range of surge protective solutions for UL508 control panels, low voltage controls and data signal applications. These IP20 finger-safe devices are perfect for installing in DIN-Rail applications and will help protect sensitive and expensive electronics and monitoring equipment.

In the customer scenario above, because of the extensive surge protective offering, Bussmann was brought in to review the applications and recommend the appropriate solution to mitigate issues from transient overvoltages and indirect lightning strikes in the future.  The team incorporated power, AC/DC control voltage and data signal surge protective devices to protect the system and, as a result, the customer has a more reliable system. Since implementing the products, no downtime has been caused by transient surge related events.

For more information on Bussmann surge protective solutions, visit Or for information on 2014 NEC® emergency panel surge protection requirements, contact us at 855-BUSSMANN.


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