Phoenix Contact’s PLUGTRAB-IQ

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Phoenix Contact’s PLUGTRAB-IQ: Intelligent surge protection ideally suited to protect level transmitters, flow meters and other measurement and control applications unique to oil and gas terminal facilities.

Phoenix Contact’s PLUGTRAB-IQ (or PT-IQ) product series is an advanced surge protection system that proactively monitors the operational and performance status of its suppression components. Unlike surge protection devices that just provide their users basic pass/fail status indication, PT-IQ products also alerts its users when its life expectancy has diminished, but before it becomes non-functional.

A yellow status indicator illuminates when the any of the protection components inside the product near their performance limit. The equipment user is alerted in advance that the affected component is still functioning at full capacity, but its life expectancy may be diminished, allowing them to schedule the replacement of the component before its protection capacity comes to its life’s end.

Component end of life is shown by a red colored status indication.

The heart of the PT-IQ’s protection system is a micro-controller that manages a network of up to 28 surge protective devices (SPD) capable of protecting up to 112 signal lines. It acts both as a power supply and an evaluation unit for all SPD status signals. The system is freely scalable, and can also be expanded to support another 28 surge protective devices by simply adding an additional controller device.

Phoenix Contact has also designed a PT-IQ product line specifically for intrinsically safe applications that can be installed directly within Ex Zone 2 locations. As with the standard PT-IQ products, all protection systems consist of a micro-controller and its surge protection modules. However, for EX Approved PT-IQ products, the controller supplies power to and supports up to ten, as opposed to 28, surge protective devices.

Thanks to the PT-IQ’s remote signaling feature, its users can inspect the system from anywhere and at any time, making their application at remote and/or unmanned equipment locations highly effectual. PT-IQ’s users can be assured that their surge protective system will be online and protecting equipment 100% of the time, even when operating in locations that are not easily or readily serviceable.

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