Phoenix Contact’s New Technology Enables World’s Slimmest Safety Relay

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The new PSRmini relays from Phoenix Contact are the worlds’ slimmest safety relays. At just 6-mm wide, the PSRmini allows for 6 A, force-guided safety connections, but at a 70% smaller footprint than standard 22.5-mm safety relays.

PSRmini safety relays come in two form factors, “slim” and “compact.”  The 6-mm slim relay variants have one or two normally open (N/O) safety rated contacts, and the 12-mm compact variants have up to three N/O safety rated contacts.

The safety relays switch loads up to 6 A and are compatible with a variety of signaling devices, such as emergency stop equipment, safety door switches, and light grids. The extensive list of approvals, including Performance Level (PL) e according to EN ISO 13849, and SIL 3 according to IEC 61508/61511, makes them suitable for many mechanical engineering and process industry applications.

With a new elementary relay, developed in-house by Phoenix Contact, the PSRmini safety relays were able to achieve CID2, ATEX, and IECex approvals. This means PSRmini relays are the thinnest force guided SIL 3 rated safety relays that can be used to build distributed systems in potentially explosive areas. The terminal carriers also enable the use of system cabling solutions for a fast and correct start-up and field connection.

Phoenix Contact developed new relay technology to make this compact design possible. The design is based on a slim but powerful basic relay characterized by minimal space requirements, low energy consumption, and high system availability.

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