Panel Builders Space Optimization: Save up to 40% of control panel space.

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Space Optimization:

Managing space in the most effective and efficient manner to minimize capital and operational expenses. This can mean placing as much equipment as possible into a given area in the facility, which challenges equipment designers and builders to reduce the size and footprint of the machines they create. This, in turn, challenges the controls engineers to design and build control panels within a smaller footprint or fit more equipment into an existing space.

The control panels you build support your customers’ efficient operations and infrastructure growth. They also want assurance you can solve their toughest space, noise, environmental, security and safety challenges. Panduit has you covered with a broad range of products, application tooling, technical support and worldwide availability. Our technical experts are ready with the guidance you need, so you’ll spend less time configuring wires — and more time adding value to your product.

Utilizing Three Dimensions for Control Panel Space Savings

An area that is almost never used in the control panel is the space between the enclosure door and the components mounted to the sub-panel in the rear of the enclosure, sometimes referred to as the three-dimensional (3D) space. Panduit offers products that help the designer tap into this space.

Panduit DIN Rail Wiring Duct has two separate wiring channels and enables the user to mount a DIN rail with components that would normally be installed directly to the sub-panel, thereby utilizing the 3D space. The PanelMax™ DIN Rail Wiring Duct and Shielded Duct from Panduit have the potential to save up to 40% of the space on a sub-panel. Being able to fully utilize the 3D space inside an enclosure often means having the correct access to install or service the equipment inside. The ability to access the front and rear of the installed equipment reduces installation and service time.

Using the Enclosure Corner Space


There is space inside the control panel that goes unused in most traditional panel layouts. Panduit PanelMax™ Wiring Duct Solutions are designed to tap into that space. An example is the corner space which is either unused or underutilized in control panels that are using side equipment mounting plates. Panduit PanelMax™ Corner Wiring Duct is designed to fit into corners and utilize that space while providing good wiring transition from rear sub-panels to side sub-panels. Notice how this space is reclaimed from the traditional panel layout, providing more room for more components or the ability to downsize an enclosure. The PanelMax™ Corner Wiring Duct has the potential to save up to 12% of space on the sub-panels and decrease the enclosure footprint by 18%.

A 40% or greater panel space savings is achievable with components that utilize 3D space such as PanelMax™ DIN Rail Wiring Duct to provide robust EMI noise protection with closer pathway placement, PanelMax™ Shielded Wiring Duct and PanelMax™ Shielded Noise Barriers. Panduit helps you Organize • Connect • Protect electrical systems at the lowest total cost with products designed for space optimization.


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