Panduit Stainless Steel Solutions

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Maximizing productivity while reducing downtime requires a robust integrated electrical and network infrastructure that can deliver optimum productivity, reliability, and profitability. Whether your production line is down due to equipment malfunction or a changeover is taking place – downtime can quickly add up.

The total of direct and indirect costs due to downtime is approximately $7800/hour:

  • One event per month could cost $93,600/year
  • One event per week could cost $390,000/year
  • One event per day could cost $1,950,000/year

Source: Reduced Effort Inc.

Panduit solutions deliver best-in-class quality for maximum reliability and defect-free installations that minimize rework and downtime. Significant investment in research and development, as well as participation in industry standard bodies, allows Panduit to provide products engineered for optimum performance, quick and dependable installations, and improved workplace safety. With application expertise in harsh environments and convergence on the manufacturing floor, best practice methodologies, and end-to-end support, Panduit helps our customers improve productivity and lower operational costs.

When strength, vibration, radiation, weathering, corrosion and temperature extremes are a factor, Panduit Stainless Steel offering provides strong, reliable solutions for use in indoor, outdoor, and direct burial applications.

Reliable system performance: Delivers strength, long life and resistance to chemicals, vibration, radiation, weathering, and extreme temperatures.

Increased job site safety: Features rounded edges to prevent installer injury and damage to cable bundles or finished product.

Lowest installed cost: Includes reliable, ergonomic tooling and an innovative cable tie design to provide fast and reliable installation.

Effectively identified workplace: Offers the most comprehensive selection of on-site and factory custom marking products in the industry.

Standards compliance: Meets and exceeds the most stringent industry standards.

Panduit stainless steel cable ties and permanent identification solutions can deliver a useable life greater than 30 years. The combined value of material cost, labor savings, and improved safety results in the lowest total installed cost.

Below is a list of our Stainless Steel Offerings:

  • Stainless Steel Cable Ties
  • Retained Tension Ties
  • Stainless Steel Strapping
  • Aluminum Cable Ties
  • Permanent Identification
  • Installation Tools

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