Overburdened Pipeline Experiences Another Accident

May 15, 2014 at 9:34 am  •  Posted in Oil and Gas  •  0 Comments

An explosion at the Williams Companies Inc. natural gas-processing plant in Opal, Wyo., this month was the most recent in a series of accidents involving the overtaxed pipeline and rail infrastructure this year. It was the second for Williams, which had a fire at one of its gas gathering plants in West Virginia in March. The Wyoming plant can produce 2 percent of the country’s daily gas supply.

On March 31, a pipeline within its liquefied natural gas facility in Washington exploded and shrapnel from the blast caused a leak in one of two liquefied natural gas tanks, prompting evacuation orders near the plant outside the rural town of Plymouth.

On April 7, a Williams unit said that a gas gathering pipeline in West Virginia caught fire.

Williams operates two natural gas processing plants in Wyoming which remove liquids and other impurities from natural gas to allow it to be transported in large pipelines.

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