Opinion: Oil and Gas Industry Needs to Re-evaluate Security Priorities

July 21, 2014 at 1:25 pm  •  Posted in Oil and Gas  •  0 Comments

The Oil and Natural Gas Information Sharing and Analysis Center will bring industry executives and cybersecurity experts together to collaborate on cyber attacks on offshore rigs, refineries, pipelines and other equipment. It should also consider focusing its collaborative efforts on the physical safety at its facilities as well, writes the author. By adopting global safety measures such as those in the airline industry, oil and gas companies can ensure the security, both online and off, of its employees.

The American Petroleum Institute is working with several large U.S. oil companies to assemble a team of cybersecurity specialists that would help identify and prevent malicious software attacks against the computers that control the country’s energy infrastructure.

The move comes after a hacker group that had already targeted defense contractors shifted its focus to energy companies in March. 

The oil and gas industry has shown remarkable solidarity when it comes to addressing what it perceives as a common outside threat, whether it comes from hackers or new regulations the industry considers onerous. It’s been far less willing, however, to take such a collaborative approach to confront threats from within its own ranks.

Offshore regulators, though, still face the daunting task of monitoring a growing number of rigs and production platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, even as they struggle to find enough people with the technical expertise to complete the task.

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