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System integrators and OEMs have always struggled to find an easy and cost-effective way to support their customers. Industrial virtual private networks (VPNs) meet that need, but are often difficult for non-IT folks to set up and maintain. Phoenix Contact now offers the mGuard Secure Cloud, an easy, secure, and free service that takes tech-to-machine (T2M) support to a whole new level.

Because small and medium-size businesses do not always have the resources to implement, host, and support their own VPN solution, Phoenix Contact essentially acts as the customer’s IT department. Phoenix Contact hosts the mGuard Secure Cloud at its state-of-the-art data center near Harrisburg, Pa. This helps the user eliminate the hardware and installation costs of an in-house VPN. It also reduces travel expenses incurred from service visits to remote customers.

You can take advantage of the benefits and advantages of the mSC to troubleshoot, monitor, program and support remote PLCs, HMIs and other industrial equipment across the country or around the world.

The mSC uses award-winning FL mGuard hardware to give OEMs, machine builders and system integrators a secure, easy and cost-effective way to access machines and systems anywhere in the world over the Internet.

Phoenix Contact’s newest versions of the FL mGuard combine the mGuard’s secure routing, VPN, and firewall functions with network switch capabilities, in one package. The RS2005 has five unmanaged Ethernet ports, and the RS4004 has four managed ports, along with a “DMZ” port to secure multiple networks. Thanks to the integrated switch, the updated mGuard devices can eliminate or reduce the need to buy and install a stand-alone switch. This results in lower hardware costs, a smaller installation footprint, and easier network set-up.

  • The RS4004 (2701876 & 2701877) integrates a four-port managed switch, enabling a flexible and cost-effective option for multiport security applications in Ethernet networks. The mGuard with a managed switch can provide port mirroring, multicast filtering, and querying and VLAN support.
  • The “demilitarized zone” (DMZ) port in the RS4004 is a protected network located between two other networks. Both the secure LAN side and the unsecured WAN side of the network can access this port. However, the firewall that monitors and regulates all of the incoming and outgoing traffic at each transfer point can block access from the WAN side to the LAN or DMZ side and vice-versa.
  • The RS2005 (2701875) integrates a five-port unmanaged Ethernet switch, with automatic detection of data transmission speed of 10 or 100 Mbps (RJ45) and auto-crossing function.

To use the mGuard Secure Cloud, register at After signing up, the user defines the machines and service technicians he or she wants to connect; by providing a few pieces of information – such as IP address scheme – the mGuard configurations will be created for these users, allowing them to connect to the mSC server.

The newest cloud firmware (version 2.3) added fully automated configurations for machine and service VPNs to the award-winning mSC service. This eliminates the turnaround time, so that you can immediately connect to and fully support your remote machines without a waiting period.

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