mGuard Secure Cloud – Industrial VPN for secure remote access

January 25, 2016 at 11:19 am  •  Posted in Industrial, Machine Builder  •  0 Comments

The mGuard Secure Cloud is the next generation of T2M (Tech-to-Machine) connectivity. Simple, secure and reliable 24/7 support to reduce downtime, cost and travel hours.

Supporting your customers and industrial equipment can be a costly, complicated and time-consuming task. Sending technicians on-site is expensive and inefficient, dial-up modems are way too slow for today’s needs, and dealing with your customer’s IT department can be frustrating. The mGuard Secure Cloud™ from Phoenix Contact solves this problem with an easy, cost-effective and reliable solution for OEMs and machine builders, allowing them to talk securely over the Internet to equipment such as PLCs, HMIs, etc. all over the world.

Use of the mGuard Secure Cloud service is free! For your machines to communicate, you only need to purchase our mGuard hardware or Phoenix Contact modems. Your technicians will need to use mGuard hardware or an approved software VPN client. Why pay for an inferior, slower or less secure solution when you can use Phoenix Contact’s mGuard Secure Cloud service for free. Visit to register today.

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