How to Manage a Demand-Driven Supply Chain

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Manufacturers who can be nimble and respond rapidly to consumer demands on both production and pricing strategy are most likely to succeed in today’s economy, say experts from Verizon. Business intelligence and sophisticated data analysis make a profitable demand-driven supply chain possible, but it will be necessary for managers to adopt advanced mobile technologies and become efficient in managing inventories, production schedules, distribution and customer engagement.

The powerhouse combination of mobility, cloud computing, security and predictive analytics is becoming the ‘holy grail’ across the manufacturing industry, according to Kevin Martin and Michael Kotelec with Verizon’s manufacturing practice. “All of this business intelligence,” Martin adds, “is being viewed on a virtual dashboard that is available to all of these decision-makers via a business app which is accessible across their mobile devices.”

Martin and Kotelec discuss four reasons why digital manufacturing will take off in coming years:

  • The rise of the demand-driven supply chain where consumers are in control.
  • Mobility is becoming a necessary management tool for competing with today’s Internet and mobile marketplaces.
  • The future workforce will be made up of Millennials that have grown up in a mobile and digital era.
  • Adoption of advanced technologies will be ‘do or die’ to remain competitive.

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