Leviton Weather-Resistant Covers & Related Devices

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Utilizing Rugged Construction to Seal Out Water and Other Contaminating Particles

Reliably Proven Covers that Stay Dry and Tight

Industrial Grade Weather-Resistant Covers from Leviton are constructed to completely seal out moisture, dust and debris while providing easy access to electrical connections. Leviton offers a wide range of weather-resistant covers that mount to panels and single gang FS/FD boxes that are built to deliver long-term impact resistance and durability for outdoor use. Their rugged construction is ideal for industrial irrigation and food processing, wash-down applications; providing protection of outdoor receptacles and power distribution boxes commonly exposed to weather, water and debris.

Functional Weather-Resistant Covers for a Wide Array of Industrial Devices

All industrial grade weather-resistant covers feature a vertical self-closing lid to ensure electrical connections are protected at all times from harsh elements. They are completely watertight and dust-tight, rated to IP64 and NEMA 3R for protection against harmful weather effects. Industrial Grade Weather-Resistant covers can be used with 15A through 50A strap mount locking receptacles from our V-0-MAX® industrial grade receptacle line, straight blade or flanged inlets and outlets, and single NEMA and Non-NEMA locking devices from our Black & White™ line of plugs and connectors. Leviton weather-resistant covers also have the ability to accommodate receptacles, inlets and outlets from other manufacturers. These covers are also a great fit for power distribution boxes from multiple manufacturers, including our temporary power distribution center, The Box™.


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