LED Technology – Guiding the future of Enclosed-and-Gasketed Linear Fixtures

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Advances in LED technology and the drive to make LED fixtures competitive in price to traditional fixtures have opened the door to previously unheard of size and options considerations. In the past, to get the illumination required for the task-on-hand in demanding environments, most wet location/vapor tight fixtures were built at a 4-foot size to accommodate ballasts, lamps and drivers. Not only did the length make the fixture heavy and awkward to handle, but the size also limited application in tight spaces. Additionally, cracked lenses and missing latches during transport and installation were quite common.

Building on their reputation for providing the “best value in lighting”, Lithonia Lighting® recently introduced the DMW2 LED as the most innovative wet location/vapor-tight luminaire on the market. Designed by the contractor, for the contractor – the DMW2 provides all the performance of a traditional 4-foot fluorescent fixture in a smaller, low profile design —optimized for LED.

Maximizing the benefits of LED technology, the DMW2 LED provides application versatility, higher on-task light levels and energy-saving controls options for demanding environments.

Small in Size. Big on Benefits.

Easy-to-Install. The 2-piece (housing plus LED lens assembly), snap-together design makes it easy for one-person installation. The DMW2 LED requires no tools to dismantle or reassemble. Its lightweight, low profile design and captive latches make handling and balancing during installation, effortless.DMW2-LED_combo

Built for Every Application. The DMW2 LED can be used nearly anywhere including canopies, awnings,
loading docks, stairwells, cold storage, parking garages, processing areas and more. The low-profile design and multiple lumen packages provide uniform illumination in both tight and open spaces, especially when clearance is a concern. Listings include IP65 & IP66 rated; 1500 PSI hose-down; and rated for -40°F (-40°C) to 104°F (40°C) ambient temperatures.

Extreme Adaptability. Right out of the box, the DMW2 LED is ready for a variety of applications. Numerous options take its versatility to the max.

  • Mounting options include ceiling, wall, pendant, suspended or junction box mounting. The DMW2 LED maintains IP66 wet location listing when wall mounted.
  • An integral battery-pack option eliminates the need for additional emergency fixtures, remote placement, or use of AC power inverters.
  • Change lighting characteristics by selecting from a number of lumen packages, color renderings and color temperatures.
  • Select from a number of mounting options and accompanying hardware. Where glare might be a concern, choose a frosted lens over clear acrylic

Maximize Your Energy Savings.

Where LED technology can save you on average 60% over traditional fluorescent, adding controls can save you even more. Occupancy sensors, photo sensors and sensor-based dimming controls are available for use in areas of low or irregular occupancy, such as stairwells or storage closets. The DMW2 LED is also available with integrated Acuity Controls XPoint™ Wireless options, for even greater levels of control and energy savings.

The compact size of the DMW2 LED defies conventional, “bigger is better” thinking. It is bound to be your new go-to fixture for affordable, general-illumination lighting.


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