Install and Maintain Light Fixtures Without Ever Leaving the Ground with V-Spring Telescoping Light Poles Video

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V-Spring Telescoping Light Poles by Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds business are a vertical stanchion mount, spring-loaded, prewired lowering system used to make the installation and maintenance of stanchion mount lights safer and easier.

This video shows how the system works and how easy it is to raise and lower to the appropriate height and lock into place. The benefit of the V-Spring Telescoping Light Poles is to keep the workers off the ladders and keep their feet secure on the structure so they don’t have to use a harness, build scaffolding or bring in bucket trucks or cranes.

Most facilities are switching over to processes where they do not allow ladders to be on structure. The system eliminates the need to quarantine off an entire area. The safety aspects of the V-Spring Telescoping Light Poles include a top hat that is designed with a hook to keep it parallel with the walk and a spring assist to help with the ease of lowering a 30 lb. fixture.

The V-Spring Telescoping Light Poles are the only vertical stanchion mount system on the market today. It is safe and efficient to install and utilize.

For more information, contact your Graybar representative or call 1-800-GRAYBAR.

Crouse-Hinds by Eaton

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