Infrared inspection for oil and gas applications

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Unscheduled downtime can cost millions. Professionals who work in the oil and gas industry know it is critical to maintain stable, continuous operations without sacrificing safety. They also know that regular maintenance, quick diagnosis of potential problems, and clear documentation are key to keeping production going smoothly and meeting regulatory requirements.F-tix560-360_02a_c

A multipurpose monitoring and troubleshooting tool for oil and gas applications. Thermal cameras offer the versatility, accuracy, and usability to address a widevariety of inspection and troubleshooting activities in the oil and gas industry. Whether used onshore or offshore, upstream or downstream, thermal imagers allow you to capture two-dimensional representations of the apparent surface temperatures of a wide variety of equipment and processes. You can collect heat signatures for process equipment, as well as for leaks in pipes and tanks, without touching those surfaces and without interfering with the process. The images and measurements from that inspection can help you quickly identify problems at an early stage.

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