Hoffman’s New Award Winning Harsh Environment Free-Standing Stainless Steel Enclosure

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Hoffman recently launched the FS66S Global Free-Stand Stainless Steel enclosure in North America; this product was previously launched in China and India and is ideal for supporting both domestic and global customers. The FS66S is being recognized globally for its innovation and ease of use and recently won the 2014 GongKong “Innovative Product” award in Beijing, at the Automation Annual Awards Banquet.hoffman3

The FS66S enclosure features stainless steel uni-body construction, for strength and reliability, and an interior modular frame mounting system, for component and back panel mounting flexibility. Whether your application calls for rack mounting, adjustable depth panel mounting or grid system mounting, the FS66S can deliver the right solution.

Multiple accessories are available for maximizing the use of internal space and for mounting a variety of controls.

Rated UL4X and IP66, the FS66S enclosure is used extensively in vertical markets including Oil & Gas, Water/Wastewater, Petrochemicals and Power Generation, where equipment needs protection from harsh, corrosive environments. It offers a perfect solution for outdoor DCS applications.

Four configuration options are available to meet your customer’s diverse needs:

  1. One-Door Single-Access Enclosures (single door on front)
  2. One-Door Dual-Access Enclosures (single door on front and rear)
  3. Two-Door Single-Access Enclosures (doors close on a removable center-post)
  4. Two-Door Dual-Access Enclosures (doors close on a removable center-post on front and rear)

Each style is also offered in 304 or 316L stainless steel, and is available as either standard duty (14 gauge) or heavy-duty (12 gauge).

The FS66S also includes:

  • A Heavy-duty three-point latching mechanism operated by 316L stainless steel POWERGLIDE padlocking handle
  • A Built-in plinth base that allows for flexible cable management


The FS66S enclosure is designed to house large components such as motor starters, drives, contactors and PLC, as well as a wide range of other electrical and electronic equipment in harsh and corrosive environments.

This enclosure provides maximum internal mounting flexibility as well as superior strength and integrity hoffman4of a uni-body design. FS66S is a global product manufactured in the USA, China and India.

All locations excel at providing custom application solutions. The Enclosure at right was manufactured at Hoffman/Pentair’s India facility  for an Oil and Gas customer

Please call us or use the link below to learn more about this exciting product:

FS66S Global Free-Stand Single and Dual Access with 3-Point Latches, Type 4X | North America



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