High-Performance Network Infrastructure: OM4 Multimode and Single-mode Fiber Solutions

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With today’s high stakes and time-sensitive demands, oil and gas companies like yours know that high-performance network infrastructures are critical to meeting their ambitious goals. CommScope can help you deliver upstream and downstream.

It’s an intelligent world. High-speed networking, cloud computing, data center consolidation, and in-building wireless coverage are transforming the way businesses and public entities operate. CommScope solutions empower communication applications in the boardroom, operating room, and classroom…on trains, in airports, and in stadiums…and anywhere people gather for work and play.

Our high-performance network infrastructure solutions allow for real-time streaming of well data and video monitoring without placing additional strain on network bandwidth. For in-building and onsite communications, our distributed antenna systems (DAS) and VSAT solutions enhance radio frequency and wireless coverage throughout plants and refineries. Our wired and wireless solutions bring unparalleled performance to security systems, access control, CCTV and instrumentation to ensure your operations run smoothly wherever, whenever.

CommScope’s OM4 fiber gives the cabling infrastructure designer better performance to support longer distances or more connections for applications such as Ethernet and Fiber Channel. It also provides a cost effective way of avoiding the use of expensive single-mode transceivers

The optical characteristics of CommScope LazrSPEED 550 cables match, or are superior to, those of the OM4 standards. Just as LazrSPEED 300 parameters provided the fundamental specifications of the OM3 standard, LazrSPEED 550 specs provided the blue print of the new OM4 standard.

OM4 is specified to 150 m using parallel optic transmission. The superior performance of CommScope’s solutions with LazrSPEED 300 and 550 extend these distances up to 140 m and 175 m respectively. Together these provide the most cost effective solutions for data centers by avoiding the higher costs associated with single-mode laser sources.

Investment in LazrSPEED 550 cabling infrastructure today provides full compatibility for newly emerging, current and older applications while providing the longest reach possible over multimode fiber. Under the protective umbrella of North American and international standards, LazrSPEED 550 enables lowest total cost of ownership for several reasons. It reduces immediate capital costs by extending the reach of the lowest-cost optical transceivers, thereby reducing or eliminating the need to deploy higher-cost single-mode alternatives. It reduces electric power operating costs because multimode transceivers require less power than single-mode alternatives. LazrSPEED 550 can also reduce future capital costs by providing a superior future upgrade path to faster applications without having to replace the cabling infrastructure or re-configure the data center.



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