Greenlee Makes Safety a Priority with their New Line of 10.8V Battery-Powered Cutting and Crimping Tools

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For over 150 years, Greenlee® has been entrusted to deliver its customers a high quality product that delivers in accuracy, value, and performance. Quality is important, but safety is an ongoing concern at the job site. Tighter job spaces are requiring more effort from the body resulting in increased injuries. Companies are paying large sums of money in workers compensation costs and experiencing decreased productivity due to injuries. For a worker, those injuries can lead to lost wages and long term bodily strain. The new line of Greenlee Micro Cutters and Crimpers are ergonomically designed with worker safety in mind.

The EBS12ML Bolt Cutter is designed to assist with cutting ground rods, one-time disposable locks, wire mesh cable trays, threaded rods, and guy wire.

The ES32ML Wire Cutter is designed to assist with cable pulling, repair and installation for copper and aluminum cables.

The ES32FML Wire Cutter is designed to assist with locomotive assembly, machine installation, and industry machinery jobs with fine stranded copper cable.

The EBS12ML, ES32ML, and ES32FML all use the 10.8V Li-Ion battery base, have a 350° rotating head, one finger trigger operation, LED light, battery level indicator, and an auto-retract feature that returns the cutting blade to its starting position when the cutting cycle is complete. These three products offer a 66% faster cutting job than traditional manual tools so you can be ready for the next job faster. Each of these products only weighs 4 lbs total (including the battery) which significantly reduces the amount of stress placed on the wrist.

The EK50ML Crimping Tool is designed to assist with crimping insulated terminals, non-insulated terminals, ferrule, modular plugs, and coaxial connectors. This electromechanical tool crimps 65% faster than traditional ratchet tools and reduces hand force by 93%. The multi-functional LED light ensures each of the 250 crimps per charge cycle is complete.

These Greenlee cable and bolt cutters are perfect for any man or woman who performs cutting jobs frequently. Panel shop workers, machine installers, controls manufacturers, wire harness manufacturers, and other industrial workers constantly perform cutting and crimping jobs while they work. Over time, these repetitive motions on a manual tool can cause shoulder, hand, wrist, and arm injuries including carpal tunnel. These Greenlee cable and bolt cutters allow you to make the switch from manual tools to a 10.8V Li-Ion battery-powered tool that is Faster, Safer, and Easier®.

The full line of Greenlee micro cutters are in stock and available for immediate shipment. Both kits and bare tools are available. Kits include the base tool, a storage case, a charger, and 2 batteries. The bare tool comes with the base tool and the storage case only.

Visit  for more information about the full line of Greenlee micro cutters and crimpers.


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