FL mGuard in Vertical Industries

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Anyone searching for industrial protection and remote support can utilize the FL mGuard from Phoenix Contact. Whether the industry has compliance requirements or simply needs to be secure, the mGuard’s capabilities and features will allow you and your industry to achieve those standardized goals. The mGuard serves OEMs, especially industrial machine builders and general manufacturers with a large variety of end-users. It’s also ideal for critical infrastructure sectors like:

  • Water/wastewater – providing security for remote pump and lift stations, allowing integrators secure monitored access to supported equipment
  • Power generation/transmission – providing drop-in protection for legacy equipment with wide temperature ratings for rugged environments, as well as logging/auditing capabilities to monitor the network, which are essential to NERC-CIP compliances
  • Oil and gas – with UL CID2 in the RS variants, the mGuard provides network security for the pipeline and custody transfer points.

Any FL mGuard version can be implemented in all critical infrastructure markets.

For more information, please visit: www.phoenixcontact.com/mguardsecurity

Other Common Applications

  • Protect a plant network from unwanted or unauthorized access
  • “Copy-exact” machine lines that need to use the same IP scheme
  • Remote support for machine builders OEMs
  • Using optional CIM function to baseline a PC and scan for malware or file changes
  • Help achieve compliance with NERC-CIP, ISA99, and other cyber-security standards

Other Industries examples

  • Water/wastewater – secure monitored access to remote pump stations
  • Power generation/transmission – logging auditing capabilities to monitor the network
  • Oil and Gas – network security for pipelines and transfer points
  • Manufacturing – remote secure connectivity to processes and systems
  • Healthcare  – data encryption for patients information protection

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