FL mGuard Industrial Network and Security Appliance

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Companies are only successful when their production systems operate securely, without errors. Failure, sabotage or data loss can cause large-scale economic damage. To avoid these problems, Phoenix Contact offers the FL mGuard: efficient and easy to integrate protection for networked industrial systems. The FL mGuard is a reliable solution for secure remote support or maintenance of industrial machinery and equipment. The FL mGuard family provides rugged and industrially rated security devices including firewall, routing and optional VPN functionality to industrial networks. These high-level “Layer 3” functions are essential for protecting your industrial network from both malicious attacks and accidental interruption. They are also ideal for connecting to office or enterprise networks.

Cyber-security in the industrial network is a large and growing need. The FL mGuard product line protects your systems against unauthorized access and unwanted traffic while providing connectivity needed for information and support. The mGuard boasts three core functions:

  • A fast flexible and stateful firewall to protect your critical assets: FL mGuard devices are integrated into the network as a stand-alone system where they protect a part of the system network, a complete production cell or an individual automation component – with no adverse effect on the system being protected. All incoming and outgoing data packets are monitored using pre-defined rules.
  • Router & NAT (Network Address Translation) capability to manage IP addresses and connect to an enterprise network: FL mGuard can be used in router-mode to isolate an office network from a control network, regulating the traffic that is passing through. The NAT (Network Address Translation) router is used when identical machines are in a network in parallel, each machine must be configured individually so that it can be integrated in the higher-level communication system. Our FL mGuard products support the 1:1 NAT function, which means that production cells occupying an identical IP address can be used in a higher-level network. The individual configuration of standard machines is not required, saving time and making support easier.
  • An optional IPsec VPN (Virtual Private Network): FL mGuard devices are VPN-compatible, means that all data is encrypted according to the secure IPsec standard. Secure and easy remote maintenance enables you to save on travel costs and shorten downtime, as well as improve service quality and customer loyalty. Access to the remote maintenance VPN tunnel is monitored and controlled by firewall. In addition, machines and systems can be conveniently and easily networked using the extensive routing functions.

The mGuard is easy to setup, with a web-based GUI, hardware contact control of the VPN, and seamless interoperability with existing IT networks. DIN-rail, PCI, desktop and other hardware variants are available.

FL mGuard



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  1. Dan / May 29, 2014 at 11:11 am / Reply

    You can now use the mGuard Secure Cloud to get easy remote connectivity to your machines, wherever your end-customers are. It is an IT-friendly way to support your customers without having to jump on a plane. Oh, and the Secure Cloud service is FREE – you just need the mGuard hardware! Talk to your Graybar sales engineer or go to http://www.phoenixcontact.com/msc to learn more.

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