Schneider Electric Introduces the world’s first ePAC with a native Ethernet backbone

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Schneider Electric’s Modicon M580 Ethernet PAC (ePAC) is a pioneering automation controller with Ethernet built right into its core. The M580 ePAC uses open Ethernet standards to enable a new level of process efficiency and flexibility, while providing the highest level of Cyber Security with its Achilles™ Level 2 certification, one of the highest Cyber Security certifications available.

Finally, control all devices in a single architecture.

The Modicon M580™ is a concentrate of innovation, the world’s first ePAC with a built-in native Ethernet backbone to deliver a complete architecture based on standard Ethernet technology. All Ethernet devices – switches, routers, gateways, fibre optic converters, WiFi access points, etc. – are seamlessly embedded in the configuration to optimize communications as well as simplify cabling, monitoring, and diagnostics. Thanks to this integration of core devices, you can operate, diagnose, and replace drives and motor starters directly from the controller. Legacy buses can also be integrated for a cohesive system.

Discover the world of open networking and easy integration.

Based on industrial standards for both communication protocols (ODVA) and software integration (FDT/D™), the Modicon M580 makes it easier than ever to operate any third party device directly from our engineering platform (Unity Pro) with access to near real-time equipment information, including configuration parameters, process values, trends, and alarms. The Ethernet backplane also allows easy internal partnerships with leading partner companies to extend our Modicon I/O range.

Get the right data at right place at the right time.

The unique Ethernet backbone provides seamless end-to-end network connectivity from control to field level. You can navigate freely and without constraint within your entire architecture thanks to standard Ethernet routing. Ultra-high capacity for data processing is delivered by the latest generation ARM multicore microprocessor. It enables to maintain maximum bandwidth without slowing task management as well as to ensure deterministic response time for remote equipment.

Benefit from PAC agility at every stage of life cycle.

  • Design – Build with flexible, scalable, validated, and documented architectures
  • Operation – Make changes on the run without stopping your process: adjust configuration, application, or variables, change a module, or to modify architecture (e.g. add a remote drop)
  • Maintenance – Perform complete system and devices diagnostics from your smartphone
  • Modernization – Maintain your existing cabling and perform a simple step by step migration to the Modicon M580 thanks to native integration of legacy ranges.

Protect your investment long term.

The Modicon M580 offers the highest available level of security, with Achilles Level 2 certification for CPU & Ethernet modules, advanced built-in cybersecurity features, live global system integrity check (memory, processor, tasks) encrypted password access, memory with error correction code, etc. Thanks to smart strategies for migration, you can protect legacy investment, capitalize on X80 modules (I/O, communication and expert modules usable on Modicon M340 and Quantum), optimize spare parts management, and minimize trainings. With Unity Pro as the common engineering tool for all Modicon platforms, you can reuse your developed programming. At any time, engage the expert assistance of dedicated Schneider Electric™ service teams to help you plan and execute your migration smoothly.

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