Duct Tapes Simplified.

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3M DT Series Duct Tapes come in three strengths to handle 90% of your jobs. They resist curling, have a consistent unwind, and tear off the roll cleanly for the ultimate in ease of handling and application.  Multilingual, individually wrapped rolls are color-coded by performance level for easy identification.

3M™All Purpose Duct Tape DT8 – Holds to smooth metal, glass, plastic, sealed concrete and more.

3M™ Heavy Duty Duct Tape DT 11 – The go-to tape for holding, seaming, sealing, repairing and packaging. Ideal for sticking to plastic.

3M™ Super Duty Duct Tape DT 17 – Super thick for super tough jobs including repairing, seaming, and protecting metal parts and surfaces.

3M DT Series Duct Tapes – Right Performance. Right Price.

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