Data Analytics: Part of a Facility Manager’s Arsenal

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A fully integrated building management system can help facilities managers with small budgets and a growing list of responsibilities get a snapshot of their properties and most effectively meet the needs of the tenants and buildings. Sophisticated data analytics software programs can also support facilities teams, whether it is an embedded, customized or externally managed program. Data-driven solutions are key to creating customer value on specific goals, such as energy efficiency or increased comfort, says the author.

Installing a modern building management system (BMS) that integrates all of the disparate systems to provide a holistic view of a facility is an important first step. Taking it to a higher level by using data analytics software to interpret the massive amounts of data generated by the BMS is the next.

Best in class data analytics software automatically trends energy and equipment use, identifies faults, provides root-cause analysis, and prioritizes opportunities for improvement based on cost, comfort, and maintenance impact.

Analytics software augments FM staff, helping to fill knowledge and resource gaps. More importantly, it provides prioritized recommendations for optimizing building assets. Recommendations are based on statistical analysis, performance trending, and automated diagnostics. An emerging option in the market is to embed and integrate analytics fully into existing BMS hardware and software. This is a good choice for new construction where all of the equipment will be compatible,  but it is particularly challenging with retrofits or building upgrades. 

A cloud based SaaS data analytics solution is a cost-effective alternative to a custom solution. With this type of system, data is automatically pulled from a BMS and then analyzed in a virtual cloud environment.

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