Cooling Industrial Automation Solutions in Hazardous Environments

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Your customers face some of the most challenging operating environments for their applications. Weather extremes combined with potentially dangerous working environments require unique and innovative solutions. To meet these demands Hoffman developed the SpectraCool Hazardous Location air conditioner; this product has a patented and differentiated nonincendive design that eliminates sources of ignition arising from the functioning of the A/C unit.

“This unit is engineered from the ground up to specifically serve end users that work in hazardous locations,” said Heidi Hung, Pentair’s Hazloc Products Marketing Manager. “We want to provide a solution that addresses safety and reliability to this market, and while improving upon older designs, we found innovative ways to add value for our customers.”

Engineering for the SpectraCool Hazardous Location A/C unit started with the nonincendive design, but value added benefits are built-in. Heresite and e-coated components make this unit reliable. This kind of protection provides an additional defense against corrosive and damaging contaminants in the harsh environments where these products are used.

The engineered design also eliminates the need for heavy cast enclosures so installation is easier, with less labor and equipment. The SpectraCool is up to 20 pounds lighter than many of the competition’s products, thus reducing the cost to ship. Additionally, the smaller footprint gives customers more options for system layout and installation.

Remote communications for streamlined maintenance are available as an option on some models. With this feature customers get real-time monitoring, so if there’s a cooling failure, maintenance personnel can be alerted before damage occurs to the equipment.

Additionally, the SpectraCool Hazardous Location Air Conditioner is based off a similar Hoffman air conditioner offering a narrow footprint to allow for installation on 12” deep enclosures.   Using this similar platform also allows for easier access to replacement spare parts.

Hoffman offers two models: SpectraCool and SpectraCool Offshore. Standard models are available in Type 4 and 4X units with the option to control A/C units from your control room or remote PC. SpectraCool Offshore are Type 4X with 316L stainless steel body construction to resist corrosion and a Heresite coating for increased safety in harsh and hazardous environments. Both units are rated for Class I, Division 2 Group B, C, D T4A applications and have a capacity range from 4,000 to 11,000 BTU per hour.

These products can be delivered quickly and have half the lead time of other companies’ cooling products. Many units are standard stock, ready for next-day shipping with non-stock units available in four weeks. SpectraCool is also backed with a network of over 6,000 service technicians for fast maintenance and repairs worldwide.

For more information on the full line of SpectraCool Hazardous Location air conditioners, visit or call your local Graybar Representative.


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