Oil and Gas


Can You Improve Your Productivity By Upgrading Your Lights?

February 18

Oil and gas facilities are being asked to do more than ever before and that is trickling down into the equipment they use, including lighting....

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Modicon M580 ePAC Brings Value to O&G Customers

February 18

A rapid decline of oil prices has changed the economic environment for many companies inside and outside of Oil and Gas sector causing them to take a...

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Cooling Industrial Automation Solutions in Hazardous Environments

February 17

Your customers face some of the most challenging operating environments for their applications. Weather extremes combined with potentially dangerous...

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Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds NEMA 7 Clamped Enclosure Designed for Hazardous Environments

February 16

Power management company Eaton's Crouse-Hinds developed the first explosionproof enclosure with clamping technology to help oil and gas and other...

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Radioline allows for wireless control of pad sites

February 15

An Oil and Gas System integrator in Texas does oil pad site installations in the Eagle Ford shale region. Each oil pad site has a combination of oil...

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Fluke tools can help you maintain operational reliability and environmental safety

February 12

Fluke understands the oil and gas industry faces a range of challenges from dynamic market fluctuations to multiple stringent regulatory...

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Digital technology drives efficiency gains for oilfield operators

February 7

Data-collection technologies such as sensors and telecommunications networks are among the most useful tools for oilfield operators to boost...

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Oil companies strategically maintain thousands of dormant wells

February 5

A number of US oil companies are drilling new oil and gas wells while looking to keep them inactive until oil prices rebound. “We are focused on...

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Pilot program focuses on offshore drilling safety

February 3

A new program launched by the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement promises to use inspection data to better identify offshore oil and gas...

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Study: Cyber Security Strategies Limited

February 1

Headline cyber security incidents are rare, but a lot of lesser attacks go undetected or unreported as many organizations do not know that someone...

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