Can You Improve Your Productivity By Upgrading Your Lights?

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Oil and gas facilities are being asked to do more than ever before and that is trickling down into the equipment they use, including lighting. Lighting in oil and gas facilities have many specific requirements because they are subject to a lot of abuse – they must withstand chemicals, flammable gases and vapors, combustible dust and other hazards. Fixtures that are not designed perform in these environments, will dull or fail quickly requiring facility managers to bring in maintenance crews to repair them which shuts down production. That’s a lot of work and money that could be used elsewhere in their operations.

More Light. Better Light. Safer Work Environments.

Tough housings designed for these unforgiving environments, like hazardous LED lighting from Holophane® can make a big difference in productivity, simply by reducing this maintenance to practically nothing. But more than that, Holophane LED solutions are designed to deliver the right light to support safety, which is a top concern in oil and gas facilities. That means having not just bright light but light without glare so workers are better able to quickly perform quality control inspections, and better see other workers and machines.

More Light Is Just The Beginning

While facility managers can simply use a lot of traditional lights, there are distinct advantages to LED lighting. Unlike HID lighting, LED lighting doesn’t take time to reach full light output when turned on, so there’s no delay in productions. And LEDs are virtually maintenance-free which can result in meaningful reductions in labor costs and the potential for job-site injuries. Finally, to keep light levels from fading or discoloring over time, which requires maintenance to fix, Holophane uses glass refractors that can perform in the harsh elements at your plant without fading or otherwise degrading.

A smart strategy that forward-thinking facility managers are using is to incorporate smart controls which automate things like light levels, even down to specific tasks, creating an additional layer of visual comfort for workers. In addition, they are extending this high quality light to employee parking lots, truck yards and building perimeters with area and flood lighting to help support overall safety and security, everywhere on the property.

Single Source Provider of Lighting & Controls

Holophane’s new Power Generating Lighting & Controls Solution brings together the industry’s toughest lighting with smart controls to cover every space in an oil and gas facility. All from a single provider, this LED lighting and control solution helps facility managers use their resources smarter and improve the productivity of their plant. Embedded controls create an intelligent luminaire that can automate light levels and provide control, programming and monitoring from a single user interface. The system has been tested and verified to work together to reduce complexity. And as new technologies evolve down the road, this solution has been designed to upgrade easily, rather than require a complete retrofit.

It is lighting that simply works. Visit to learn more.




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