Bussmann series OSCAR 2.1 SCCR Compliance Application

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A short-circuit current rating (SCCR) represents the maximum level of fault current that a control panel or machinery can safely withstand.  The NEC® requires that industrial control panels, industrial machinery and HVAC equipment be marked with an assembly SCCR that is greater than the fault current at the location where the equipment is installed.  Inspectors and installers need this information in order to ensure compliance with NEC 110.10.

For the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), determining and marking the assembly SCCR on the equipment provides important SCCR information to the authority having jurisdiction.  This is a critical element to allow for proper installation, but also can provide a competitive advantage.

But in a recent survey, 5 out of 10 OEMs stated that they have difficulty applying or interpreting the UL 508A rules for determining the panel assembly short-circuit current rating.  And one mistake can mean the difference between the SCCR protection level needed and the minimum 5kA.

Eaton has just released the latest version of Bussmann® series OSCAR™ 2.1 SCCR Compliance Application, an award-winning tool that helps make SCCR compliance easy and efficient.  OSCAR allows you to enter a one-line diagram of a control panel circuit, identify the components in that circuit and calculate the SCCR for the entire assembly.  The program also applies current limiting rules per UL508A that permit the SCCR of branch circuits to be raised.  What’s more, you can view, print and save SCCR analysis reports.  Version 2.1 contains a database of 60,000 parts and 25,000 component SCCRs, and brings new easy-to-use features such as video tutorials and updated component symbols.

OSCAR is just one tool Eaton offers to help make SCCR compliance easy.  Whether you’re determining how much SCCR protection is needed, or determining the SCCR of your equipment control panel, the process does not have to be a struggle.

To get a free, 7-day trial of Bussmann series OSCAR™ 2.1 SCCR Compliance Application, click here.


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