Bussmann Modular Ferrule Fuse Blocks Simplify Installation and Enhance Safety

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The new line of ferrule fuse block products for Class CC, supplemental, Class H(K), Class J and Class R fuses are fully modular with a snap-together design, providing tool-less assembly of multiple pole blocks at point-of-use to save inventory and reduce assembly time (also available in factory assembled 1-, 2-, and 3-pole configurations). Each block has provisions for DIN-Rail mount and panel mount applications, allowing the same block to be used for multiple applications and lowering inventory costs. Additionally, the new ferrule fuse blocks have a compact design that minimizes the product footprint, allowing for the most efficient use of panel space.

The optional covers enhance the overall safety of the panel assembly, with IP20 finger-safe ratings for the full wire size range of each product. The covers have an enhanced lockout/tagout feature, compatible with a broad array of lock designs. Each cover has provisions for a snap-in marker label for easy circuit identification. Covers are also available with optional open circuit indication to reduce troubleshooting and maintenance time.


  • Overcurrent protection of control circuits, lighting circuits, meter circuits, fan and motor circuits and control transformers.
  • Overcurrent protection of HVAC/R equipment, factory automation equipment and industrial machinery.
  • Alternative energy applications at 1000Vdc (BPVM products) in high ambient environments where temperature rise is a concern.

Features and benefits:

Small, compact footprint

  • Compact footprint minimizes panel space requirements
  • Most platforms have the smallest width dimension in the industry to fit more poles within the panel

DIN-Rail and panel mount flexibility

  • All SKUs can either be DIN-Rail mounted or panel mounted, increasing versatility and ease of application for panel builders

Modular design

  • Tool-less ganging of multiple poles at point-of-use eliminates the cost of carrying multiple SKUs for different applications

Clear IP20 finger-safe optional cover

  • Enhances safety and prevents incidental contact with terminals
  • Clear cover with probe holes allows for easy fuse inspection and thermal imaging without cover removal to reduce maintenance time

Lockout/tagout feature (with optional cover)

  • Enhances maintenance safety

Open fuse indication (with optional cover)

  • Reduces troubleshooting and maintenance time

Universal marker labels

  • All covers have provisions for marker labels for easy circuit identification
  • Class H/J/R fuse blocks have marker label provisions on each end of the block and under the fuse for clear circuit labeling to reduce maintenance time

For more information go here or contact your local Graybar sales representative at 1-800-GRAYBAR.


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