Advantage™ Series Switch-Rated IEC Pin & Sleeve from Hubbell are the highest performing IEC pin & sleeve connections suitable for the most demanding environments.

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Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems has combined the advantages of their top performing IEC pin & sleeve with the capabilities of a UL2682 switch-rated device.  Hubbell’s standard industrial pin and sleeve is HP rated and recognized as a disconnecting means.  However, the new Advantage Series is for customers that are interested in more.  More advantages are what Hubbell has brought to the switch-rated market place establishing new benchmarks in performance and innovation.

More Flexibility – The Advantage™ Series are the only Switch-Rated IEC Pin & Sleeve Devices in the market.  By working with existing installed IEC 60309-2 pin and sleeve plug and inlet bases customers save both time and money.

More Switching Capabilities – The Advantage™ Series are approved as a disconnecting means for both motor circuits and branch circuits.  They carry a robust 100kA SCCR rating along with a 30 HP rating at 60A 480V.

More Water Ingress Protection – The Advantage™ Series are designed for use in harsh environments.   They are UL witnessed IP69K and UL Type 4X and 12 devices.  They were engineered to offer superior protection against water and dust – even enduring high water flow or areas with excessive amounts of dust. The sleek, modern design makes them easy to keep clean in washdown applications.  Product ratings are laser-marked into the device for permanent identification that won’t wash off.

More Advantages

  • Highly visible and long lasting green LED lights are located on both sides of the device to provide visual verification of power when connected.
  • An impact-resistant internal swing arm is fully shrouded, protecting it from any potential damage.
  • The robust, durable housing is UV-stabilized, impact- and corrosion-resistant, and designed to withstand industrial environments.
  • Heavy-duty external cord grips offer maximum cord retention to maintain unstressed terminations.
  • Spring-loaded to the open position, reminding users that the cover must be secured to ensure maximum ingress protection

Hubbell puts the Advantage™ into the palm of your hands with the easy-to-use leverage grip design from Hubbell. An oversized, spring-loaded disconnect button offers easy actuation – even with gloved hands.

The offering includes 30 Amp and 60 Amp devices. The 60 Amp is available with an optional Pilot Pin, which is smaller than the ground and phase pins and are designed to make after main and break before main breaks. This pin can be used to communicate with auxiliary devices within your facility. They are “Break before main break” and by design are the last contact in the sequence to make and first to break.


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