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The loss of power constantly threatens to disrupt control systems in every industry. This loss of power, however brief, may cause multiple issues from process disruption to component damage and loss of revenue. The latest generation of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) from Phoenix Contact takes the guess work out of implementing an industrial level battery back-up solution to prevent process down time.

For years, most panel builders and users would simply place an inexpensive ‘consumer electronics’ level UPS at the bottom of the cabinet just to be able to withstand a few minutes of a power interruption. Use of this type of UPS system often results in numerous maintenance issues. The biggest issue dealing with this style of UPS package is the battery. Most of these UPS systems do not have the ability to provide any insight as to the performance or health of the battery. This prompts the common practice of replacing the battery on a scheduled maintenance cycle whether the battery needs to be replaced or not.

Advanced UPS systems from Phoenix Contact are available to solve these battery maintenance issues by taking the guess work out of battery replacement timing. High end UPS platforms provide vision of the lifespan of the batteries with ‘State of Charge’, ‘State of Health’ and ‘State of Function’ indications. These indicators provide real-time feedback as to the immediate availability of the battery by providing a 0-100 scale of battery performance as well as a countdown function showing when it is time to replace the battery. These functions allow the customer to change the battery on a “just-in-time” schedule instead of replacing the battery before it’s time has come.

There are other issues with using classic, inexpensive UPS units that include; scalability, output voltage, monitoring, and configurability.  Because the batteries are internal, there is no possible way to change the battery capacity of the classic UPS solutions. In many situations, this causes users to buy a much larger UPS than necessary just so they can have a longer run time. The advanced UPS products available for the industrial control cabinet (UL508 applications) are of a multi-piece design with an AC/DC power supply, a UPS control unit and an external battery module. The multi-product solution allows users to fully scale their solution to the size required.

Phoenix Contact offers a modular UPS allowing the output to be scaled from 60 Watts up to 960 Watts as well as the battery scaled to the actual back up time required. The ability to select the UPS and battery size opens use to a wide range of applications while only paying for the sizing required. The modular solution also allows for easy maintenance without shut down. The UPS is easily put into “service mode” for battery cell replacement.

UPS from Phoenix Contact will protect your systems from a power loss event with maximum reliability and availability.  To learn more about Power Solutions from Phoenix Contact visit:

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